The Texas Political Environment

by Adam Smith

The 2010 Texas Elections are soon here. Well, this is very important for Texas. As you probably know, choosing who will govern Texas is done by a democratic vote by the population of Texas. That's how the elected individual is chosen to hold public office. That is why everyone must make an important choice in this. It's for our own future. Don't forget that the Governor stays in power for four years.

As you probably may know, being a Governor is not a piece of cake. The Governor of Texas has the ability to approve any bill passed by the Legislature of Texas. Plus, they have great veto power and are able to grant most paroles. For this year, we have three main candidates. We have Bill White from the Democratic Party, Kathie Glass from the Libertarian Party and Rick Perry from the Republican Party.

Kathie Glass is a lawyer who once ran for Texas Attorney General. Bill White is a former Houston Mayor. Rick Perry is hoping to get re-elected for the third time already.

In case you didn't know, Texas is a state which is considered a Republican stronghold. What are the main topics for this election? Well, border security is very important. Then, we have education. The economy is always a great concern also. Well, the deadline for voting is set at fourth of October. To help voters, Texas will launch a web site that will inform voters about the election. This way, voters won't have such a hard time getting information about voting. It will ultimately help the election.

The web site will enable citizens basic registration as voters. Plus, they will be able to change their address on voter cards. In addition to getting more important information about local representatives, they will be able to complete a registration for for voting there.

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Political Marketing Turns Mobile

by Alex Speirs

Mobile Marketing is fast becoming a phenomenon in the way advertisers are now marketing their products, services and campaigns. Never before have consumers been so easier to reach, day or night and in such a personal way. But whilst its effectiveness in the world of commercial advertising is becoming plain to see, does mobile marketing have a place in political advertising?

As we know, commercial advertising has long been a central feature in US culture. In the past few decades, political advertising too has increasingly become an essential tool in campaign strategies particularly for Presidential campaigns.

President Barack Obama owes a great deal to his effective use of mobile marketing in his own run for the Oval Office in 2008. In fact, it is said that mobile marketing played a pivotal role in his campaign and outreach strategies and may even have won him the election. Using two simple mobile platforms; the 62262 (spells OBAMA) common short code and the or websites.

Obama's campaign ran his mobile marketing campaign using two simple mobile platforms; the 62262 (spells OBAMA) common short code and the or websites. Obama's use of mobile was thought to be an important part of his Change message. Distributive Networks worked on the SMS effort to great effect, collaborating with SinglePoint for the creation, launch and management of the interactive mobile campaigns utilised.

If you need further convincing, then conversely, it is thought that the absence of mobile marketing in the US midterm elections recently, resulted in many campaigners failing to reach voters with their messages. What could be more personal than to reach potential voters and fence sitters than via their mobile phones? It is solicited contact from the outset. From those initial contacts, databases can be built and maintained for future campaigns. When compared to the cost of say, television advertising , with record amounts spend on political campaigning every election, this relatively inexpensive personalised advertising is money well spent!

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Create A Marketing Plan That Works

By Michael Fleischner

In order to succeed with a basic marketing plan you need to concentrate on some core elements of a plan that targets the right audience and produces a specific result including lead generation or sales. For your marketing to produce results you should consider using multiple media formats.

There is so much competition today that the messages you use need to be unique. The effectiveness of any marketing campaign is directly correlated to the quality of your list and offer. Before you even begin, think about your product and what motivates people to buy.

After spending many years trying new things, I've found that marketing results are relatively consistent when sound marketing techniques are applied. These techniques are effective in any industry and any apply to any type of campaign you have. Consider building your marketing campaign using the following strategies:

Set specific goals. Before you begin, think about the specific goals you wish to achieve. Many marketers gravitate towards conversion but you need to define what that means for you and your business. Some individuals are simply looking for a sale, others a lead or download. Before you begin, identify what action you want respondents to take and how you're going to measure it.

Focus on segmentation. Do not attempt to market to all segments. Choose a specific segment and focus your energies there. If you do, your campaign will be more successful. You can increase your chances of success tremendously when you focus on a specific market or niche. Review your current customer and find others like them if you wish to generate a positive ROI.

Select a few key messages points. What are the messages that resonate with your audience segment? There may be some key message points you have when describing your product or service. If so, use them to create a baseline and try to improve in later campaigns. You need to talk to your prospects in the language that resonates with them if you are going to grab their attention and gain their trust.

Test your offers. The only way to run a successful marketing campaign is by testing various offers. Your offer is an essential component for driving results. Your best bet is to test multiple offers simultaneously by splitting your list or testing offers. Once you find and offer that works, try to beat its results during the next campaign.

Use integrated marketing. To get the most from your marketing campaign, do not rely on a single email, advertisement, or post card. Think about and select the media that your segment uses to get information on a regular basis and purchase the products and services they want. This method can help you determine the best way to reach them. Once you have develop a marketing campaign, utilize as many of these media types as you can to convey your message and offer.

Using these marketing techniques are important for producing a positive ROI. In addition, be aware of your campaign timing. Even if all of the above criteria are met, your campaign could still fall short if you havent exposed your audience to the right message at the right time.

Review each of these steps before creating your next marketing campaign. Your marketing is only going to be successful if you set specific goals, segment your market, use key messages that resonate with your audience and create a compelling offer. I encourage you to experiment with different media to get your message across and deliver a winning campaign. - 29938

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